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Brunch Menu

Brunch Summer Hours: Sundays, 11 am – 3 pm,
Brunch Fall Hours: Sundays, 11 am – 9 pm



All served with fresh mojito fruit salad

Chuck Town Shrimp & Grits     $14.00
Low country style BBQ shrimp, marinated and then fire roasted over creamy blackberry grits and andouille strips.

Chicken and Cakes     $13.00
Red velvet pancakes topped with panko hand breaded chicken strips. Drizzled with blackberry coulis, clover honey and toasted pecans.

Pan Pardue    $12.00
Custard soaked baguettes folded with cream cheese and fresh berries, then baked. Soaked with strawberry coulis and clover honey. Served with sausage links.

The Best Seller    $18.00
Tender, slow roasted beef short rib with citrus jus. Served on a bed of blackberry grits with a toasted sweet potato biscuit. “This is a Cajun classic dish and is awesome”- Chef Jones.

Red Velvet Column    $11.00
Fluffy silver dollar red velvet pancakes drizzled with blackberry coulis and clover honey. Served with local sausage links.

Capital City Frittata    
Portobellos, Italian herbed ham, green onion and gruyere cheese, topped with tomato bacon chutney. Served with our City Hash.

The Real French Toast   $12.00
Thick cut honey wheat bread soaked over-night and griddled. Topped with powdered sugar and drizzled with clover honey. Served with local sausage links.


Sweet Potato Biscuits    $4.50
House made biscuits with herbed Italian ham. Accompanied by spicy mustard.

Mojito Fruit Salad    $3.50
Seasonal fruit and berries marinated in fresh mint and simple syrup.

City Hash    $3.50
Golden potatoes griddled with fire roasted peppers and onions, perfectly seasoned.

Praline Bacon   $5.50
Nouveau Southern at its finest. Crisp bacon dipped in candied pecan praline.

Blackberry Cheese Grits     $4.00
A unique pairing of tangy blackberry grits topped with 10 year aged white cheddar.

Bacon Flight   $6.00
Three seasonal styles of bacon prepared by the chef.

City Biscuits and Gravy   $6.00
House made sweet potato biscuits topped with fresh City sausage gravy.

Featured Treat
White Chocolate Butterscotch Crème Brûlée   $8.00
Warm butterscotch topped with rich white chocolate folded into smooth custard, topped with a caramelized crust and praline bacon garnish.


Orange Sherbet Mimosa   $5.95
Fresh squeezed orange juice, champagne, orange sherbet, tangerine simple syrup, and a fresh mint leaf

Iced Gingerbread Coffee    $6.95
French pressed fresh ground coffee, Jameson, Baileys, gingerbread syrup and fresh nutmeg served over ice

Blood Orange Bellini   $4.95
Skyy Blood Orange vodka, prosecco, tangerine simple syrup, and fresh orange juice

Garnet Mary   $6.95
Skyy vodka, kicked up Charleston bloody mix, smoked salt rim and our signature garnishes

Aperol Peach Spritz    $4.95
Prosecco, Aperol, peach schnapps, club soda, and orange slice

Watermelon Mint Sangria    $5.95
White wine, watermelon simple syrup, mojito mint marinated fruits and berries


Ginger Infused Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
7 oz carafe     $3.50

French Pressed Table-Side Coffee
20 oz       $3.50

Hot Tea (seasonal assortment)